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China - GreenMap.cn in Chinese (simplified)
Europe - Europe.GreenMap.org in English
Indonesia - greenmap.or.id in Indonesian
Japan - GreenMap.jp in Japanese
Latin America - MapaVerde.org in Spanish and Portuguese
Taiwan - gmap.greenmap.tw in Chinese (traditional)

Asian Hub


日本のハブは、『グリーンマップメーキングの初めての試み』として日本の雑誌に特集され、 2005年愛知万博 へ向けての活動計画が始められた、世界で最初のハブ です。2007年までに、日本のグリーンマッププロジェクトの数は70件にも及んでいます。 共同創立者かつ、現在の理事長でもある右衛門佐美佐子さんは、多くの年報を発行、日本版ウェブサイト GreenMap.jp の設置、共同編集者として 3冊の文献 の編集、そしてGMJの役員と共に、国際・アジアのハブミーティングを開催されました。また、共同創立者の堀内正弘さんは、ユースの参加に重点的に取り組み みらい プログラムを創作されました。

こちらの リンク から日本語での概要がご覧になれます。

Latin America

Formed during the first Global Mapmakers Meeting in 2002, Cuban, Brazilian, Colombian and Chilean Mapmakers pooled efforts to produce MapaVerde.org and collaborated with North Americans to publish a community mapping book, Mapeando Nuestra Tierra Comun- Mapping Our Common Ground. With Latin Liaison Carlos Martinez in the Green Map office in New York, outreach has helped the Hub grow – today there are projects in 10 South and Central American and Caribbean countries.

Our Spanish Global Welcome in Español!


Established by Jakarta Mapmaker, Marco Kusumajiwaya and co-led by Elanto Wijoyono to involve more communities across this sprawling archipelago, there were 11 diverse Indonesian Green Map projects as of May 2007. Annual meetings, exhibits and a booklet have been co-produced. The Borobudur Green Map is a joint Hub effort, and like many of the Green Maps created in this country, sustaining cultural heritage is a core concern. Follow their progress at greenmap.or.id in Bahasa Indonesian.

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European Green Mapmakers held their first regional meeting in 2000, starting in Malmo Sweden and traveling to EXPO 2000 in Hanover Germany, where GMS was recognized as an EXPO ‘Project Around the World’. Subsequent meetings in Copenhagen, Dublin and Italy encouraged the Hub to gel, and by 2004, work on the Hub’s website, Europe.GreenMap.org had begun, developed by Ciprian Samoila.

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Hu Huizhe at Friends of Nature Beijing is the Hub leader for China, and has held meetings bringing regional Green Mapmakers together since 2005, and presenting to NGO and university groups. Together, with interns in the New York office, the website GreenMap.cn was launched in 2006. As of May 2007, there were a dozen unique projects in China!

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Creators of the wonderful book Energetic Green Map Movement (books) that illustrates the depth of involvement around the country is Hub leader, Society of Wilderness. As described in this story (taiwan03), dozens of Green Maps have been published, easily explored here in PDF format. Jen Pei Wong is a co-leader, contact Junbun (junbun@gmail.com) for information.


Since 1999, Green Mapmakers at Centro Felix Varela have helped urban and rural communities in 12 of Cuba’s 14 provinces take part in Green Mapmaking, as described in this story in Spanish. National meetings, newsletters, videos, songs and many workshops have been created, with a leadership team headed by Liana Bidart. Newsletters (in Spanish) from 2003, 2004, 2005 provide greater insight into their exciting work, as does the video, Gotica a Gotica, available with subtitles at the Green Map Store.

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Asian Hub

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