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Flagstaff Green Map

Flagstaff’s first Green Map provides residents and visitors with a fun and innovative community guide that highlights the environmental, social and cultural resources of our unique mountain town.
About this Map

The Flagstaff Green Map encourages the discovery, use and stewardship of the region’s natural, cultural and green resources for city residents and visitors. It promotes the accomplishments made by Flagstaff residents and businesses to maintain and improve our unique city that will help us move towards a more sustainable future.

As a result of the efforts made by local citizens and the leadership exhibited by numerous businesses and organizations, we are confident that Flagstaff will remain on course towards a more sustainable future. As more individuals and industries become engaged in fostering a sustainable Flagstaff, we look forward to providing the community with updated versions of the map every two years, allowing us to emphasize the positive transformations being made.

In addition to the map available here, there is a regional side to this map which includes a list of most major environmental and cultural organizations in Flagstaff, information about water use in the region and water conservation, energy use and conservation, climate change and more.

The Flagstaff Green Map was created by Project Director Stacey Hamburg; Intern Kara Graham; Intern Jessica Makowske; and mapmaker Bronze Black.

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