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Asturias Spain

Introduction is a combination of an analogue Donkey and mobile digital tools. A ‘low-impact’, friendly and high-tech donkey and its keepers will travel through Asturia as a digital, mobile and web-live platform in order to capture and map a contemporary image of the region, contributing to its audiovisual heritage in a unique way.
About this Map

We are planning 3 or 4 walks of 15 days starting from the Laboral Art Center of Gijon and back to update the exhibition.
To attach content to location on a digital map we will mainly use free software, popular content galleries, several mapping tools. Everything will be integrated on a dedicated website with a strong geomapping attitude plus an orientation to the mobile's world and social media tools.
A physical version of our map will be printed, resized in a large format, at the laboral exhibition, update it while we walk, and let open for other people to improve by using Green Map icons

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