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Ottawa - Ontario - Canada - North America
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Ottawa Green Map Project
Caio Fernandes
Project leader
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Mapping Ottawa's Eco-friendly assets, services and infrastructure.

Statement of Purpose

The main purpose of this project is to: highlight everything green in the city of Ottawa – from health food stores or vegetarian restaurants; green business such as earth-conscious architecture firms to green services such as bike shops.
The project will focus on the region of what old Ottawa used to be, before the amalgamation of various suburban towns. It could be expanded if resources are available.
The goal is to create a one-stop point, in the shape of a map, for citizens of the city who are interested in using these green services, and for those who are not aware of their existence. The project will also be beneficial to local services and business, which will be highlighted on this map. The map will be available on the website, local stores, and events. A website may also be developed.
Volunteers will be needed for data collection, public outreach, events, design, and any other ideas!

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No Longer an Active Project
This is no longer an active project. If you would like to start a Green Map project in this community, please go to the Participate section of the website and register.
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