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LA Green Map

Los Angeles - California - United States - North America
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Los Angeles Independent Schools
Robert Bryan
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Los Angeles Independent Schools is a consortium of student-led green mappers from various parts of the city using tools in common to create and eventually knit together a dynamic portrait of environmental activities and opportunities throughout the LA community.

Statement of Purpose

In 2013, several Los Angles-area independent schools met at an Environmental Summit to share concerns and strategies about our work as environmental representatives and advocates in our schools. There were many common concerns, one of which was the lack of general community buy-in and participation, as well as the lack of visibility and support for our environmental efforts.

At our third Summit in the Spring of 2014, green mapping was considered as a constructive and creative way to address these issues. Creating environmental maps for our campuses and surrounding areas was seen as a way to promote environmental awareness and action not only for members of the school community, but also for vendors and others in the Los Angeles community. It was also seen as a way to highlight our efforts generally in order to gain more support from administrators, teachers, parents, and most importantly, other students.

The participants in the Summit identified a core group of icons focusing on resource use, culture, and sustainable practices. Focusing first on our campuses will allow schools to get started in a manageable way, gaining momentum and experience that will be applied to mapping beyond the campus. Using a common set of icons will eventually allow our schools to knit together a larger LA-area map that can be of general use. Parents of one school living closer to another school will be able to utilize whichever map is most helpful based on their geographic location and activities. The Summit also determined that in order to promote student participation, the map had to be digital in nature--a dynamic, interactive map that can grow in real time.

Our group includes the following schools: Marlborough, Harvard-Westlake, Mirman, Campbell Hall, Turning Point, Viewpoint, Wesley, and Crossroads. Other schools may also participate once the project is up and running. Our initial audience is the members of our own school communities, but our ultimate audience includes vendors and members of the larger Los Angeles community.

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No Longer an Active Project
This is no longer an active project. If you would like to start a Green Map project in this community, please go to the Participate section of the website and register.
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