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Asturias Spain by Donkey

Asturias - Gijon (Gijon ) - Gijon - Spain - Europe
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Cristian Bettini
Project leader
english, spanish, french, portuguese
About this Mapmaker is a combination of an analogue Donkey and mobile digital tools.

Statement of Purpose

A ‘low-impact’, friendly and high-tech donkey and its keepers( one Asturian and one italian) will travel through Asturia as a digital, mobile and web-live platform in order to capture and map a contemporary image of the region, contributing to its audiovisual heritage in a unique way.

The donkey will function as a living and walking browser that will produce information, geo-tagging knowledge, mapping route, collecting things, asking questions, searching for answers and share this content online almost in real time. The Donkey will carry digital broadcasting equipment such as GPS, mobile modem, computer, photo and video camera. All equipment can be powered by solar energy. aims to provide a living platform, under CC license, in order to produce a social, open, interactive documentation, an on-line experience that is a physical, intimate link between the real world and the web, broadcasting reality while reflecting and preserving culture through a free, constantly updated and universally accessible device where users can become co-protagonists and where virtual becomes real in a melting pot of travel, adventure, daily life and culture. had been developed starting in 2006 by Cristian Bettini and was selected for two European Media Project Courses in Germany.

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This is no longer an active project. If you would like to start a Green Map project in this community, please go to the Participate section of the website and register.
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