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Protected Area Cordillera Alux (Cerro Alux ) - Mixco, San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala/San Lucas, San Pedro Sacatepéquez - Guatemala - Latin America
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Proyecto Mapa Verde Cordillera Alux, Guatemala
Gloria Perez-Puerto
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"CORDILLERA aLUX" is categorized as a protected forest reserve of springs; the remaining balance of greater importance of the Department of Guatemala, located between the municipalities of San Pedro, Santiago and San Lucas. The forest of all Sacatepéquez department and Mixco municipalities, and San Juan Sacatepéquez, the municipality of Guatemala.

It has an extension of 53,70 km². There are 27 watercouses; 65 births water generated by forest of the Cordillera; its rainfall is 1,372.02 millimetres; its annual production of water is 21.8 million cubic metres. This is the drinking water to more than 700,000 inhabitants of the sector.

These forests are home to many species of flora and fauna, thanks to the existing microclimate. Consists of 3 types of forest: forest broad-leaved dominate species Quercus SP., Trema micrantha, tree Bocona, Prunas capulí and Arbutus xalapensis. Coníferas, dominated species of pine forest maximinoi, montezumae, P. Oocarpa, Quercus, Pinus actenanguensis, Quercus brachystachys, Quercus conspersa, Quercus peduncularis, Quercus pilicaulis, skinneri and oak Quercus tristis. Mixed with species Quercus, Alnus and pine forests.

The largest of these protected areas are threatened by: inmoderada Tala forests, agricultural for clean crops, frontier growth and urban growth.

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Somos un grupo de estudiantes, interesados con contribuir en la conservacion, mejoramiento y recuperacion de los recursos naturales de nuestra linda Guatemala.

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