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Tajimi City - Gifu pref. - Japan - Asia
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Maekawa Masakazu
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To discover, send, and exchange the charm of Tajimi City, Tajimi100kClub does the activities such as webmap making, SNS management, photograph exhibition, and IT learning courses.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Tajimi100kClub is to establish the citizens community and the citizens platform, and to activate the region.

The slogan of Tajimi100kClub is "learn", "learn each other" and "create town"

The activity of Tajimi100kClub is executed as an activity of the Trinity of SNS (social networking service), SALON (lifelong learning salon) and SCHOOL (IT course).

Tajimi City is a garden city. The population of Tajimi City is about 120,000 people. The main industry is pottery from of old. It is famous as Mino pottery.

The object of the activity is the Tajimi City people, especially the senior citizens and the children.

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