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Dubuque Iowa

Dubuque - Iowa - United States - North America
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Green Dubuque
Paul Schultz
563 584 1714
Executive director
About this Mapmaker

Green Dubuque is a grassroots initiative that engages the Dubuque community to develop sustainability policies, projects, opportunities and foster resilient community behavior changes.

Statement of Purpose

Green Dubuque will house the Dubuque, Iowa Green Map on its website. Green Dubuque is an initiative aimed at empowering resilient community leadership.
Green Dubuque aims to use the green map as an interactive tool for our residents and visitors to learn about and experience the "green assets" in and around our community. The county of Dubuque, Iowa has an estimated population of 94,000 residents. Green Dubuque also has plans to utilize the green map for civic engagement opportunities, allowing residents (sometimes at public forums or meetings) to participate in populating and identifying green assets in their neighborhoods and throughout the community.

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