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Black Diamond Alberta

Munincipal District of Foothills (MD of Foothills ) - Alberta - Canada - North America
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Foothills Green Map
Larry Ashmore
Foothills Green Map on facebook.
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This Green Map is a project of the the Town of Black Diamond Sustainability Committee.

Statement of Purpose

Our goal for the Foothills Green Map is to increase awareness of sustainable practices in Black Diamond and the surrounding area of the Municipal District of Foothills. We hope to graphically illustrate the ecologically significant sites that highlight the practices and activities that demonstrate the transition to a new,sustainable society.
We will achieve this through a community based public process of the Sustainability Committee of Black Diamond.
Objectives for this project;
-To create a focus for discussion of sustainability issues,and to raise awareness of these issues to a higher level of public debate.
-To provide an educational tool that can be used by teachers,private and public decision-makers,and community organizations.
-To monitor issues,actions and policies that impact Black Diamond and areas sustainability
-To provide a basis for action and to influence policy,planning and community processes.
-To encourage businesses,developers and communities to practice sustainability through the opportunity of recognition on the Foothills Green Map.

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No Longer an Active Project
This is no longer an active project. If you would like to start a Green Map project in this community, please go to the Participate section of the website and register.
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