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Hong Kong - Hong Kong - Hong Kong - Asia
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Society for Sustainability
David Tarrant
+852 5900 2317
Executive director
About this Mapmaker

We are the Society for Sustainability a new Non Profit organization established in Hong Kong in February 2013 to undertake what we hope to be a sustainable Green Map Hong Kong project.

Statement of Purpose

We believe that by engaging youth through schools and youth centres to participate in the development of a Green Map will greatly enhance each individual participating in these activities to hone their understanding that caring for and nurturing sustainable communities can enrich their lives.

This understanding will help guide their participation in the community around them as they grow and lead to new ideas on how an individual can have a positive and powerful impact further strengthening the community bonds that hold us together.

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No Longer an Active Project
This is no longer an active project. If you would like to start a Green Map project in this community, please go to the Participate section of the website and register.
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