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Credits and Thanks

A great many caring people have influenced this project over the years. They include pioneering Mapmakers, workshop participants, educators making maps with their students, the global eco design network, friends, family and media who have assisted in our outreach effort. Thanks to all, we have been growing GMS with little funding and a lot of love, propelled by collaborative action and global involvement. At each stage of GMS's development, key people have provided inspiration, great ideas and their helpful hands.

This brings us to the 2006-2007 development of the Green Map Greenhouse and our re-launched website, completely refreshed in May 2007.

Special thanks to our contributors, beta-testers, translators and Green Map friends for their advice and guidance:


Wendy Brawer, director
Thomas Turnbull, programmer
Risa Ishikawa, designer
Soon Chung Lim, Guide and resources
Carlos Martinez, management
Oksana Miranova, writer
Ciprian Samoila, web support
Becky Stern, groundwork
Bob Zuber, developer

Rick Conroy, past web support
Jits Gysen-Spanngle, past staff
Alice C. Hartley, past staff
Aika Nakashima, past staff


Jane L Cross, copywriting
Graham Hill of Treehugger.com
Ray E. Sage of Race Age Inc.
Nina Reznick, Esq, legal
Takashi Hojo of GreenMap Japan


Chinese: Annie Lui, Pei Hao Li, Hu Huizhe, Jen Pei Wong, Society of Wilderness and Kuang Yi Tang
Spanish: Carlos Martinez with Cuidad Viva and Fundacion GeoVida
Indonesian: Elanto Wijoyono and Marco Kusumawijaya
Japanese: Risa Ishikawa, Yasue Ishikawa, Hiyashi Chine and Misako Yomosa

Beta Testers:

Misako Yomosa - Green Map Japan & Kyoto
Hu Huizhe - Friends of Nature, Bejing China
Jen Pei Wong - Society of Wilderness, Taiwan
Elanto Wijoyono - Yogyakarta Green Map, Indonesia
Marco Kusumawijaya - Jakarata Green Map, Indonesia

Nia Adamson - Green Map Penygraig, Wales
Aukje Gijsbers - Cuijk The Netherlands
Max Goldstein - Stockholm Green Map, Sweden
Rasto Kirn - Podravja Green Map, Slovenia
Chris Thornton - Rhône-Alpes Green Map, France
Ciprian Samoila - Harta Verde Romania
Dora Kertesz - Neusiedl am See Green Map, Austria
Davie Philip - Sustainable Ireland & Dublin Green Map
Hannah Clinch - Radius & Glasgow Scotland Green Map

North America:
Paul Stinson - Craik Green Map, Canada
Janet Felsten - Baltimore Green Map, USA
Ilana Friedman - Providence Rhode Island USA
Jerrad Pierce - Camberville US Green Map

South America:
Ciudad Viva - Santiago Chile Green Mapmakers
Fundacion GeoVida - Pereira Colombia Green Mapmakers

More Credits are in the About section of this website. In the Blogs, you will find fresh news and credits!

Past Credits

Every Green Mapmaker and their team members belong on this list! Their efforts to give their own communities a fresh image of itself has contributed much of value to the GMS.

2007-2004 Credits to come.

2004: Community Green Mapping Booklet project developed in Spanish and English by Maeve Lydon, Ken Josephson, Leo de Mello, Carlos Martinez, Beth Ferguson, Liana Bidart, Luisa Ventosa, Mercedes and Dely. New digital Icon posters! Planning for Icon updating continued, plus Hub development, including official non-profit status for Green Map Japan.

Spring-Fall 2003: Focus on key outcomes of the Bellagio Global Meeting included the production of the Green Map Atlas between July 2003 and its online publication in February 2004 in English and Japanese. Bilingual CD ROM published in August and book in October 2004. Key collaborators include Masahiro Horiuchi, Misako Yomosa, Takashi Hojo, Shoichiro Sendai, Yasushi Watanabe in Japan, Justin Lafontaine and Rick Conroy in Canada, Matthew Groshek, Mac Legerton and Particia Locklear, Wendy Brawer, Alice Hartley, Asako Kondo and Tai Dang in the US, Dom Williamson in the UK, Anand Upelakar in India and Marco Kusumajiwaya in Indonesia.

Summer 1999: New 4 language Icon Poster designed by Mark Randall of World Studio, translated by: Misako Yomosa, Beatriz Castañeda and Louis-Martin Levac.

Spring 1999: Icons v2 illustrated and digitized by Michael Samuel. Special thanks to Michelle Thomasson and Michael Skelly and his son Mike, for beta testing. Our Youth activities aided by Robert Zuber, leaders at North Brooklyn Recycle A Bicycle, and Michael Gray of Child-Friendly Calgary.

Summer 1996 to Winter 1998: Continued development of GMS and the Icons: Ana Marie Faggi, Michael Abdilla, Cherie Hoyle, Emma McGregor-Lowndes, Beatriz Castaneda, Janis Kravis, Jim Banks, Heather Galbraith, Anna Gibson, Michael Gray & students, Douglas Jack, Glenn McKnight, Louisa Mursell, Carolyn Rohaly, Oliver Knobloch, Alexandra Sticher, Dror Reshef, Tor Fossum, Graciela Malgesini, Frits van de Laan, Michelle Thomasson, Luis Badillo, David Blumenthal, Chris Erichsen, Beth Ferguson, Kirk Gastinger, Matt Groshek, Scott Langill, Sandy Lory, Larry Martin, Jim Morgan, Jane McGroarty, T.J. Moore, Elaine Ostroff, Robert Pollard, Kevin Rafter, Richard Register, Shirley Rivera, Michael Samuel, Mike Skelly, Dave Smith, Curtis Snow, Yuko Tanaka, Sachiko Uozumi and Robert Zuber.

Spring 1996: GMS Icons illustrated and digitized as a font by Priscilla Prentice & David Campbell in Seattle, for Mapmakers on both Mac & PC.

October 1995: Japan's Tennendesign Forum Icon workshop in Kyoto: Misako Yomosa, Narumi Fukuda, Ryuka Aoki, Izumi Ichihashi, Takako Matsui, Chihiro Takahata, Moto Takechi, Kenzo Kobayashi and Masahiko Kimura.

Spring-Fall 1995: GMS and Icon development with O2 Global Net folks and Jim Banks, Priscilla Prentice, David Campbell, Ray Sage, Hal Drellich, Lucia Athens, Chris Ryan, Han Hegeman, Glenn McKnight and Sara S. Tucker.

March 1995: Meeting of the O2 Global Network, the starting point of GMS which included members: Niels Peter Flint, Conny Bakker, Fumikazu Masuda, Iris v. De Keyser, Mathilde Henry, Kerstin Maxe, Martin Krafft, Ulla Eikard, Roderick & Andrea Simpson, Jorgen Lostrup, Sytze Kalisvaart and Jeremy Quinn.

1993-94: Green Map System conceived by Wendy E. Brawer of Modern World Design, inspired by the response to her original NYC Green Apple Map