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The First Green Map:
NYC's Green Apple Map

The very first Green Map was created in New York City, and was called the Green Apple Map. It was designed to help tourists, relative newcomers and native New Yorkers develop a renewed personal interest in the natural sites and culturally significant places that make our environment special.

First published in 1992 by Modern World Design, the response to it sparked the concept of a globally linked, locally adaptable Green Map System. By 1995, development of the collaborative global program was underway, as detailed more fully on GMS's
history webpage. In 2004, a new website about the Green Apple Map was launched to showcase its past, present and future.

The Green Apple Map remains the one local project run by GMS's team in New York City. Today, there are several different kinds of projects underway, from citywide mapmaking to neighborhood maps made by youth. In many ways, the Green Apple Map has continued to be one of the "flagship" Green Maps, functioning as a proving ground for the global GMS program while promoting NYC's environment. Many lessons are being learned and shared with other Green Mapmakers, while we connect New Yorkers and visitors to resources for a more sustainable future. What's coming up for the Green Apple Map project? a Green ENERGY Map! Stay tuned to GreenAppleMap.org for updates.

"One bad apple can spoil the lot,
but one green apple can start a trend."

Metropolis Magazine

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