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Story created by Green Map System on April 7, 2021

Good News! Green Map has extended its globally recognized iconography to promote local food, regenerative agriculture, sufficiency and climate health.

This fall, we have sketched another 11 icons and we welcome input by 12/12/23
Use this survey to comment - newest icons are at the top. 

In summer we put the draft V1 set on our new open mapping Platform- now everyone can use these icons to support local food with their interactive Green Maps! Check out Food Bank Growers in Washington, Fruit Trees in Fife, and  soon to be printed, the nearly final Iceland Sustainable Food Green Map (below). 

These open source icons can be used on print maps, signage, social media and other non-commercial ways to help people eat well, support local farmers and contribute to a healthier region.
    • Download these Local Food Icon sets as SGVs and PNGs. Here are definitions too!
    • Support these Icons and our Platform now through mid-December, help us make our goal! 
    • New Survey Here! Help us complete the final review in 2023 - you can comment on these designs, definitions and titles, etc.

Created through an open process, Green Mapmakers have contributed great suggestions with the help of graphic designer Sydney Maggin. This is the current chart. Share your comments here!!

Thank you for your participation in this Survey

Contact us anytime about mapping Local Food.

Our thanks to Dr. Anna Karlsdottir of University of Iceland for sharing this draft with us. It will be the first to be printed with Green Map's new Local Food Icons