Local Food Icons - draft, please comment

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Story created by Green Map System on April 7, 2021

Good News! Green Map has extended its globally recognized iconography to promote local food, regenerative agriculture, sufficiency and climate health.

Now, we want to know what you think! We put the draft set on our new open mapping platform (OGM2), where everyone can test out using them to support local food with their interactive Green Maps. These open source icons can be used on print maps, signage, social media and other non-commercial ways to help people eat well, support local farmers and contribute to a healthier region.

Help us complete the set. This season, take part in the process of reviewing these icons. Add your thoughs about their design, title and definitions. What icons are missing? 

Please take a few minutes to comment below. Share the survey at bit.ly/localfood01.
You can download a chart too! Thank you for your participation! 

Contact us anytime about Local Food. We also created Recovery Icons in 2020!