Our award-winning mapping platform, the ‘Open Green Map’ debuted in 2009. Since then, Green Map Makers from over 40 countries have used OGM to publish 500 interactive maps.

Now, OGM has technical limitations, and while it is still in use at OpenGreenMap.org/home, new mapmakers cannot make maps on it. We are encouraging both existing and new Green Map Makers to transition to a more durable mapping platform. 

There are great options! Reviewing in light of our network’s differing needs, we are providing a selection of tutorials that support ‘platform diversity’. And, good news, there is a new Green Map platform in development, too, let us know if you want to be one of the first to use it! Below, find tutorials.

You can review this draft mapping platform Matrix and choose the option fits your skills and aims:


Check out the tutorials we developed with CARTO, Google My Maps, Esri Story Map, Google Earth, the social platform-in-development Map of Tomorrow - Karte von Morgen, and our own Open Green Map, and more to come. Each has information for new Map Makers as well as for exporting existing data from OGM. These robust mapping platforms can incorporate various formats, including open data feeds from local governments and other providers, and can therefore help build your local partnerships and network development. You can use Green Map Icons with other platforms and applications too, as noted here.

Your Green Map Project is important to your local community as well as the world. Let’s help make our home planet a better world. Think global, map local!