Project Stories share everything created with the Green Map icons around the world!

Project Stories are locally written and use tags to categorize its type, theme, etc. Use them to discover how Green Map projects were created, who was involved and about their impacts.

Here, the newest are featured - you can filter explore Stories about printed and interactive maps and Projects, as well as Green Map Tools. Filter with keywords and the grid symbol to find related stories.

Green Map Makers, find out how to create your project’s Story - scroll down below on this page and check the FAQ. This is a great way to document your projects and amplify each one, helping you gain new partners and supporters, share what you learned, and inspire others.


Stories share beautiful maps workshops planning initiatives campaigns and more, created with Green Map icons & tools!



Green Map Makers, Share Your Outcomes!

Each Green Map Project is important well beyond its own community. Green Map Makers, we invite you to share your story, whether you create a Green Map, an event or a product with our tools. Creating a story is an easy way to extend your audience and share your new initiatives, documenting them for the long term.

In addition to appearing on a related page, each Story will appear on the home page. Highlight them on your social media and website too. Our network has shown us how important it is to share your best practices, projects and maps. Together, we will all see how ‘going open’ impacts these outcomes from Green Map Makers from all parts of the world!

How soon can you create a Story?

Hundreds of people have already made Green Maps! Many are shared as Stories now. You are welcome to post a project-in-progress or wait until it is completed and launched. It's also fine to make a Story to help promote a Green Map event, such as a workshop, scavenger hunt or hack day!

What Stories are made of:

Stories are the hopes and hard work of great Green Map projects, displayed as a thumbnail which opens into a complete story.Tagging menus quickly categorize your project, then add the location and a featured image. The body can be all text or you can embed images, videos and interactive maps, even sound files, to illuminate your project. You can edit later, and share how the project evolved to encourage urban planners, students, community groups, developers and media to build upon your outcomes. Find a Tutorial in the FAQ, too.

There are many benefits, so be thinking about the contents of your Story when you document your project. Excitingly, you can write your story in any language - Google Translate (top left menu) will instantly interpret it for global visitors.