Mapping what Matters

As you delve into locally-made Green Maps that highlight nature, culture, green living and social justice sites, you’ll learn how communities see themselves today, and what they envision for tomorrow. The wealth of the commons is on the map! Unique natural places, great locally-available ways to reduce environment impacts and build an inclusive community are charted for all to explore and learn from.

Select your keywords from the tags below, or Search (upper right) to find a specific project. Hundreds of local editions are published in all formats. More are being added to this platform over time - it is the responsibility of each map’s Maker to add it to this compendium of Project Stories. There's more, too!



Throughout these pages, the Stories and the Archives share what we created and ‘cross pollinate’ our work, including printed and interactive maps, workshops, exhibits, tours, goods, research papers, multimedia, products, apps and tools. Each story is attached to the profile of its maker. The grid on the upper left of complete Story pages will take you to related stories.