What do Green Map Projects include?

Project Stories describe how Green Maps, the mapmaking process, our Icons and tools are used:

  • Green Map - printed: folding, poster, postcard, collage, any format on paper
  • Green Map - web: interactive, web and GIS maps
  • Consulting: mapping, strategies for resilience, community engagement and capacity building
  • Education: experiential and teaching materials for youth and community, research and tutorials
  • Events: workshops, tours and data-collection events, exhibits, fairs, games and experiences
  • Goods: t-shirts, guides, passports, books, posters, graphics and design elements
  • Media: videos, murals, performance, podcasts, art, multimedia and signage
  • Planning & Design: mapping, visioning, site assessment, community engagement & development
  • Technology: apps, templates, AI, icon interfaces and partnerships
  • Tools: extension and translation of existing Green Map tools, creation of new tools