These are the third & fourth editions of the
Green Apple Map

Green Apple Map

The Green Apple Map reveals an inspiring number and variety of
new ecologically significant places and projects in NYC.
With the whole city drawn in proportion, the latest edition of this printed full-color folding map
features nearly 1000 green sites, twice as many as in the previous edition!

News Flash! the latest city-wide edition became available in April 2000, thanks to Earth Day NY!
A youth-authored view of Lower Manhattan was published in April 2001

Go to for updates on all NYC Green Maps!

The interactive web-based Green Apple Map was launched July 31, 1998 !
Everyone is invited to visit the "webGAM" and take a virtual tour of the Green Apple.
It has more detailed listings on hundreds of green sites, and everyone can suggest new sites for it any time.

During 1999, we posted some Travelogues of the Green Apple too!

Both the printed and digital Green Apple Maps include sites where nature, culture and society interconnect, including:

Both the "GAM" and the "webGAM" give everyone a fresh perspective on NYC. They are designed to help tourists, relative newcomers and native New Yorkers alike get involved and participate in the local environment.

Beyond great places to visit, the GAM also features very useful eco-resources available by phone or in print or over the internet. A globally shared visual "language", the Green Map Icons are used to symbolize the different kinds of sites and projects, ensuring that this Green Map will be easily navigable and understood by visitors as well as New Yorkers.

Green Apple Map detail

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About the Printed Edition

In April 2000, 100,000 free copies of this map were distributed to over 30 pick-up locations around the city. Thanks to Earth Day New York and New York City Environmental Fund, we were able to add dozens of updates and new sites. It has 115 websites, for example! There's so many interesting things on it, you must see it for yourself (using a magnifying glass is optional!). This map utilizes the NYC Department of City Planning's Transportation Division, Bicycle Network Development Program base map. Many thanks to the dozens of organizations, agencies and individuals who contributed ideas, sites and insights to this Green Apple Map! Thanks to them, with this single sheet of paper, people can discover where to experience nature on a hometown holiday or how to live more lightly every day. Special thanks to Will van Roden, Chalie Rowan, Tracy Steed, and Sara Cedar Miller for their work on this project.

Pick up a Green Apple Map in New York City at:

If you are outside the US, or want lots of copies, please contact us by email.

If you'd like to receive a larger quantity for your environmental event or class, email us.

Our goal in 2001 is to publish a new kind of Green Apple Map, a close-up of Lower Manhattan authored by youth! Read about it here, and plan to come to the Launch event on April 26, 2001! Special thanks to Greenacre Foundation, New York Community Trust and to Beth Ferguson, project coordinator

In 2002, we'll begin on a new citywide map, completely redesigned and researched! Contact us at 212 674 1631 or by email ( if you would like to get involved in this project!

The third edition of this Map was produced as a collaboration between Modern World Design, the NYC eco-design studio that started the whole Green Map project in 92-95, and the well-known cities and design monthly publication, Metropolis magazine. 90,000 copies were distributed beginning in March 1997, including the updated second printing published in February 1998. Thanks to the generous support of Interface, Inc. (the first US corporation to join The Natural Step as part of its environmental program) and the New York City Environmental Fund (which seeks to include as many communities as possible in the restoration & enjoyment of the environment (contact through the Hudson River Foundation, 212-924-8290), that edition of the Green Apple Map was free!

About the Web-based Green Apple Map (webGAM).

With support from the New York City Environmental Fund, Modern World Design's interactive, database-driven internet-based Green Apple Map was created in Spring-Summer 1998 with the talented web designer and programmer, Ron Wakkary at oo-design, our director, Wendy Brawer, and our interns, Jason Goldsmith (Summer 1998 on break from Carnegie-Mellon U) and Peter van de Loo (a recently graduated cartographer). Internship opportunities are still available, please see below, and check the "staff" section of the About GMS webpage.

Please tour the Web-GAM. -- we are excited to bring you an expanded view of all the great places here! This information-driven website is a resource map, rather than a touring map. Top priority is on conveying the details on greening initiatives and cultural/social resources that make NYC special. WebGAM has room for 9,999 green sites, and we look forward to receiving your suggestions for additions anytime. Please contact or phone 212-674-1631 if you want more information.

As 1999 began, the New York City Environmental Fund granted our request to add new features to WebGAM website, to work with NYC's school kids on neighborhood green maps and to create the first "close up" Green Apple Map, too! New Travelogues and youth maps were completed, and this funding helped us launch the LoMap project -- all are described at the First Green Map page!

The Green Apple Map was included numerous exhibits and magazines since 1997, when it was in the Twentieth Annual 100 Show of the American Center for Design, held in Chicago, and at Glamorous Green at the Materials Connexion in NYC. Most recently it was the subject of an Oxygen Media broadcast, the Re-F-use exhibit in Paris and Copenhagen, in Adbusters magazine and many other places!

"webGAM" was selected as a Web Pick by Metropolis Magazine for August 1998.

You might enjoy reading the narrative Design in the Green Apple Tour article or a 1995 talk on the Greening of NYC we've posted, too. Check out the Stories link within GMS's website, too.

The response to earlier editions of the Green Apple Map inspired the creation of the Green Map System, a global collaboration to identify, promote and link the eco-resources within cities. This four year old project invites voluntary design teams to greenmap their own city's ecologically significant places. By adapting our framework and utilizing the award-winning Green Map Icons, each independently produced Green Map is a unique, regionally flavored image that fulfills local needs, yet has a global linkage. As of April 1999, over 90 Mapmaking teams in 27 countries are participating, and 20 cities have published their own Green Maps! UPDATE: in Mid-February 2001, we have 136 project in 35 countried, with 56 Green Maps completed! wow!

NYC teachers, especially those in Lower Manhattan, we's love to hear from you!

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