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Green Map NYC - our own Local Projects

Green Map System is based in Manhattan on the Lower East Side. Alongside the global program, we also have a local Green Map project for our hometown. In fact, the original NYC Green Map created by Wendy Brawer and friends inspired the development of our global nonprofit. Whether we are mapping all of New York City, or creating thematic maps of our own culturally-rich, socially active neighborhood, NYC has been our testing ground for new types of Green Maps, workshops, tours and media projects for the past 25 years! In addition to helping New Yorkers become more sustainable, each of these projects was a learning experience that was shared through the engagement tools and mapping resources that have been adapted by locally-led Green Map projects in 65 countries.

Selected printed and interactive NYC Green Maps appear below, along with Green Maps made by local groups around the city. You’ll also see some of our featured projects, including those created to specifically address climate change. While our first citywide edition that covered the topic was published in 2006, especially in the wake of 2012’s Superstorm Sandy, our efforts to address climate change impacts have increased significantly, with new collaborations that include place making projects, community preparedness, everyday bicycling, energy and waste reduction media and of course, more Green Maps. Find that energy-themed map on our new mapping Platform that opens the door to under-resourced communities as well as those with skills and data on hand.

In 2024, we are activating our town with a food and agriculture mapping project - watch for news soon!


Much of our current work is on our Platform, select from the stories below and explore. During the Pandemic, we created a self-guiding green infrastructure map for Open House NY. Just before that, Refresh LES! Created for release in Summer 2019, this Lower East Side Green Map helps residents save energy and reduce both the heat island effect and poor air quality while keeping cool and connecting with the community. We continued to help our community through those uncertain seasons, meeting and speaking online and taking part in outdoor events

With ample opportunity to share our work in NYC classrooms, onstage, in creative settings, in hack sessions and exhibitions, we have been pleased to work with a wide diversity of partners from local universities, museums, nonprofits, schools and conferences across the five boroughs. We’re also part of regenerative planning and placemaking projects - it takes a village.

We are always ready to share ideas around mapping that will draw community members in and give them fresh insights into the local ecology, wellbeing, climate justice and sustainability. If you are seeking a dynamic engagement project, an event takeaway that illuminates positive action, strategic consulting, a tour, talk or other Green Map experience, please contact us. Sign on to the Green Map newsletter (scroll down), follow @GreenMap on Facebook or Twitter or on Instagram to join us in upcoming events, including tours, talks and exhibits!

In Summer 2019, we condensed the website into this page. Our thanks to Oceanic Fiji and OTTO for providing the previous iteration, which served us well for seven years! We have preserved all of its content, so if you seek a resource such as our youth mapping modules, or the Red Hook Youth Report, it’s likely to be found below.

We look forward to doing even more to support New Yorkers in their efforts to go green! We need everybody to come on board, and hope our Green Maps and projects guide you to take action every day. We are all part of the solution.

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