Recovery Icons

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Story created by Green Map System on April 1, 2020

The world is changing in many ways due to the pandemic.
What is Green Map doing to help? We created Recovery Icons! 
Use this set on local maps, apps, signs, social media, art, OGM2 and more
to help communities recover resiliently. 

Map Your Community’s Recovery Resources

Building from the symbols underlying Green Map’s iconography, a new set was sketched out, discussed, revised and organized. Now, Recovery Icons are ready to share as a color Poster (shortcut (or monotone) Chart with definitions (as a PDF), on our mapping platform and as a set of image files (zipped set of PNGs and as SVGs) for making your own digital maps and media (as seen below). Use them on signage, social media, apps, murals, etc. 

 #RecoveryIcons - tag your projects! With use, this set will evolve and improve as it amplifies local resources for public health, relaxing and regenerating the community anew.

Now, you can use these icons on OGM2, our mapping platform in development. 


These Recovery Icons will help people re-localize and take action for wellbeing and a brighter future. This set includes new icons and existing Green Map Icons, which have appeared on maps made in 65 countries. We'll share the outcomes here and on social media.

We welcome your partnership, support and ideas for this open source COVID-19 recovery initiative. Please contact us and be well.

Now available on Open Green Map 2, our new mapping platform in development. You'll be able to quickly make and share Recovery Green Maps. that you can embed these maps in your own website. These open source icons can be used in your apps, on maps made on other mapping platforms, education projects, etc. 

New -  Recovery Icons at the Cities, Covid, Mitigation and Mapping Symposium  Overview - Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 (our talk started at 0:32 minutes on the last day) + more information on this Symposium.  

Credits: Wendy Brawer, Marissa Feinberg, Mary Hunt, Ken Josephson, Sydney Maggin, George Moke, Barent Roth, Thomas Turnbull, Robert Zuber, Adam Bard, Cameron Owens, Justas Brazauskas, Keiko Nakagawa, Red de Mapa Verde Cuba; Neil Lovelock & Glasgow Eco Trust - we thank you! 

New Icons are created using Green Map’s ‘pattern language’ - special thanks to Ken Josephson for contributing unique Translator and Temporary Housing icons, drawing from his years of community mapping on Vancouver Island CA with UVic. Thank you to designer Sydney Maggin, our intern from Parsons New School of Design, for all her contributions, too.

Here are the first Recovery Maps of NYC neighborhoods, made as proofs of concept by Wendy Brawer and Sydney Maggin (Sydney also created the animation)- what will you create and share here? #RecoveryIcons