Adelaide, Australia Green Map

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Story created by Green Map System on August 8, 2013

The Adelaide Green Map was created by a partnership of Urban Ecology Australia (UEA), the City of Adelaide, and the South Australia Department of Environment, Heritage and Aboriginal Affairs.

Adelaide was the first City in Australia to fund the creation of a Green Map! A special launch event was held on World Environment Day, June 5th 1998, thanks to the Lord Mayor Dr. Jane Lomax-Smith and staff of Adelaide City Council, along with UEA's Cherie Hoyle. UEA is an United Nations-accredited NGO and was acknowledged by the Government of Australia as The National Urban Environment Group of 1997!

Adelaide's Map covers over 100 sites in a small geographic area, and features large print and detailed listings. Some of its locations include park lands, natural features, and environmental agency offices and is a great example of green spaces incorporated in a dense urban setting.