Glasgow Green Map

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Story created by Green Map System on October 24, 2021

With COP26 being a pivotal United Nations Climate conference, the Glasgow Green Map takes on more importance as it impacts the experience of the thousands of delegates and civil society participants in the run up to and during this 1-14 November 2021 event. 

The wonderful Glasgow Green Map was co-created by people across the city that will guide you to everything from community gardens, bike shops and sustainable shopping, to hidden gems - see the map (and add to it) at

Made by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, the @ClimateFringe and Glasgow Eco Trust, this map and its engaging site collection ‘campaigns’ are a feature of OGM2, the second Open Green Map platform. This remarkable resource makes mapping the full range of local natural, cultural, social justice and green living resources accessible to everyone. Get involved in adding to the map and taking part in events - there is so much going on!

Our thanks to long-time Green Mapmaker, Neil Lovelock, and the many people who have shared their insights! The OGM2 platform links all the sites via the globally designed Green Map Icons, and makes the data exportable and useful in several formats. A new App that makes data collection easy without wifi is being tested in Scotland, too. 

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