Green Global Neighborhood Day Event

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Story created by GreenErasmus-RheinAhrCampus on May 31, 2021

It is time for the #GreenGlobalNeighborhood Day!

On 28th May 2021, the city of Remagen and the project team of GreenErasmus-RheinAhrCampus had the chance to celebrate the #GreenGlobalNeighborhood Day and together, contribute to a greener world.

 #GreenGlobalNeighborhood Day brought the citizens of Remagen, families, students and showed each of them how important it is to be connected to the neighbors locally and work hand-to-hand on the achievement of a common goal. Only together, we can make a difference and create a greener, more beautiful and peaceful world. It was inspiring how everyone, despite age and cultural differences, could contribute – kids, parents, kindergarten teachers, youth and seniors were planting flowers all over the neighborhood, while university students from all over the world were delivering the workshop how to build insect hotels.

Global improvements can start with making even small changes on the local level. On #GreenGlobalNeighborhood we discovered green culture and exchanged sustainable practices that are going to be shared further globally!

To spread this event into the world, the GreenErasmus-RheinAhrCampus proudly shares its experience and presents the guideline how to reproduce such an amazing event. Watch a short news reportage about the event here:

Make a difference and celebrate #GreenGlobalNeighborhood!