Green Map Icons Sets

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Story created by Green Map System on August 10, 2017

As described on the Green Map Icons page, this beloved symbol system is now open for new uses, under the Creative Commons 4.0 license.  Thank you! We hope you will return and tell us about your map and create a Story about your project, as described here

In order to make Green Map making tools, including the Icons, more accessible, Green Map System has created a compressed tool set (.zip). Within the set is a ‘getting started’ folder with an introductory page, a glossary, a guide, a Mapmakers archive and a Mapmakers Checklist. There is a logo folder, a folder with the Green Map Icons in various formats and fonts, and a “more” folder.

Mapmaker Tool Set (zip)
Green Map Icon Poster 
2 Page Green Map Icon Poster to print

Zip files with a single format of Green Map Icons:
Font Set - Green Map Icons V3 - with handy resources
EPS- zip files with EPS images of Green Map Icons V3 (37 MB)
GIFs - zip files with GIF images of Green Map Icons V3 (5MB)
JPG - zip files with JPG images of Green Map Icons V3 (8 MB)
PNG - without pins (26 MB)
PNG - zip file with OGM colors on pins - Green Map Icons V3 (5 MB)
SVG - zip file of 170 Green Map Icons, V3 in SVG format (8 MB)

For GIS users, you can already use the Green Map Icons with CARTO, Esri ArcGIS and Google MyMap, as described here

In Spring 2020, we created Recovery Icons in response to the Pandemic - use them on our mapping platform, your signs, art, apps, etc. 

We have also matched the Green Map Icons to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - check it out here!