Icon Posters in Many Languages

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Story created by Green Map System on July 26, 2017

Green Map System has created Icon Posters and definitions in many languages! On the left, it's the Green Map icon postcard, which can be used to introduce others to our innovative iconography! It's very handy when used to create Green Maps. This PDF can be downloaded as a small poster (1 page version) or printed (2 sided version) on a 9 x 4 inch card (23 x 10 cm), or shared digitally. It's color coded to match Open Green Map.

Download the poster in different formats in English

Printable Poster (2 page PDF poster)
Color Poster (1 page, PNG)
Complete Set Chart (170 Icons, 6 page PDF)
Icon Poster (11x 17 inches / A3 size PDF)
Green Map Icons Special Poster (easy print 2 page PDF)
Green Map Icons "Flashcards" (one icon per page for workshops or exhibits, PDF)
Green Map Icons Definitions (PDF)
Icon "Pattern Language" Chart (1 page PDF)
Icon Slideshow (2MB PDF)
Standard Icon Set Chart (no text)
Standard Icon Set Chart with titles (ideal for youth and community mapping, PDF)

Download in many languages to print locally:

اللغة العربية (Arabic)
Bahasa (Indonesian)
绿地图®图例 (Simplified Chinese) 绿地图®图例
绿地图®图例 (Simplified Chinese) 绿地图®图例本地版
綠色生活地圖®圖示 (Traditional Chinese)
Nederlands (Dutch)
Français (French)
Deutsch (German)
עִבְרִית (Hebrew)
한국어 (Korean)
Português (Portuguese)
Pусский (Russian)
Español (Spanish)
Svenska (Swedish) definitions only