Mt San Antonio Sustainability Map

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Story created by Dafna Golden on May 4, 2022

The rising importance of sustainability on the Mt Sac campus has been accomplished because of the hard work and support of many stakeholders.  However, because Mt Sac is such a large institution, it is difficult for students, staff, and community members to know about everything that is happening on and around campus. In response to this, a comprehensive, online, interactive map of the College’s sustainability efforts has been launched. There are numerous reasons why an interactive map of the campus is a necessary, useful, and attractive tool, but it is not without its limitations. 

I proposed to create a static, artistic map of the sustainability-related assets of the campus. Download a PDF here

As a hard-copy product, this Sustainability Map will be a valuable resource for faculty, students and the public. The benefit of the map, differentiating it from the online map, is that the map can be printed out and distributed for use as a teaching tool. By emphasizing visual appeal and functionality, knowledge of the sustainability assets of the campus will extend to the target audiences.