OGM2 - the new Open Green Map platform

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Story created by Green Map System on January 11, 2021

Introducing OGM2 - this open source mapping platform is the second version of the Open Green Map. It's loaded with new features and flexibilities, and while OGM2 is still in Beta, you can create your own Green Map now at new.opengreenmap.org

OGM2 is being developed for and with us by the GIS Collective - check out the tutorials (text and video) and watch anytime: February 2021 Demo and discussion Video (passcode: Wz8T$GLX)
Also, join us for Open Data Day - Tuesday March 9 at 1PM ET (every time zone).

• OGM2 features the 170 Green Map Icons, like our first platform. It allows users to add their own icons, which can be mixed with other sets on OGM2, including the UN SDGs and our own Recovery Icons

• Multiple icons can be used on each site (point), route (line) or area (polygon) on your map - this greatly expands each map's potential! (see test map)

Multiple images can enhance each site, route or area's description. Sound files (mp3) can be added too! 

• Yes, you can upload existing data in several formats and you can export your data, too

• Embed OGM2 maps and display on your own website.

• Yes, it's free for all non-commercial users!

• You can manage your Map Team(s) with 4 levels of permissions. 

• OGM2 can be used on smartphones, notebooks, tablets and desktops

• The interface is available in English, French, Spanish and Romanian now, with more languages to come. 

• OGM2 uses Open Street Map and offers Stamen Design's Toner and Terrain. Your unique base maps can be added, too.

Use OGM2 to make an interactive Green Map of your city! You can request our help or come to a demo-discussion (posted on Twitter @greenmap).