Women for the Land Initiative

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Story created by Chelsea Gazillo on August 29, 2020

To help women across the country implement better conservation practices on the land they manage, AFT launched our national Women for the Land Initiative.  This national initiative combines three complementary strategies (1) research into the barriers women landowners face, (2) learning circles to engage women landowners in conservation, and (3) technical assistance and policy reform to better serve women landowners. 

This map was developed to help connect the women who attend AFT learning circles and provide a space where we can learn more and become inspired by the women who manage our region's working lands. 

Chelsea Gazillo is American Farmland Trust's Working Lands Alliance Director.  She owns less than a 10th of an acre in Holyoke, MA, and is dedicated to promoting sound farming practices, creating an equitable food and agricultural system for all, and being an ally to Black, Indigenous, People of Color who are seeking careers in agriculture.