Fumiyo Murayama

Advisor, Mapmaker

Personal Website Facebook Fumiyo is Associate Professor at the Laboratory of Regional Environmental Policy, School of Life and Environmental Sciences at Azabu University in Japan

Fumiyo works with students in the Department of Environmental Science to learn about local environments and improve communities.  In addition, he is involved in the research and social practice of considering the United Nationa SDGs as one's own issues.

From his base in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, he has also been practicing Green Map making since 2008 with students and citizens.  In 2019, he made a Japanese version of the correspondence chart between SDGs and Green Map icons to create the SDGs Green Map.  His students won a prize at the University "SDGs ACTION! AWARDS 2020" for their proposal of SDGs Green Map.  He plans to develop online methods to create SDG Green Maps focusing on climate change and biodiversity.