Hannah Clinch

Advisor, Mapmaker

Personal Website Facebook Twitter Linkedin Hannah is a designer and social enterprise advisor based in the coastal community of Dunoon, Scotland.


Hannah set up Tacit Tacit in 2018 as a sustainable design agency committed to #positivegrowth. Prior to this Hannah worked at a grassroots level within social enterprises, practically tackling climate change by developing products and services that were beneficial to the environment and local community. 

Tact Tacit uses a range of design tools, including Green Mapping, to develop creative projects and products that engage people in a more holistic approach to community development and enterprise. Through Tacit Hannah has worked with numerous organisations to support the #positivegrowth agenda including: ApparelXchange, The International Association for Feminist Economics, Imperial College London, The Lido Community Shop and Community Land Scotland. She has a particular interest in design heritage and how community heritage can help broker wider discussions and understanding about the nature of social change and sustainable economic growth at a local level. 

Back in 2004 Hannah Co-ordinated a multidisciplinary team of volunteers and design students to develop Glasgow’s 1st Green Map called Dear Green Place - a citywide guide to reuse. She is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art’s Innovation School (2018) and is currently a trainee learning facilitator with the Scotland based Social Enterprise Academy.