Nathalie Castiaux

Advisor, Mapmaker

Personal Website Facebook Twitter Nathalie is an Agronomist in Mexico, and part of the International Mapmakers Advisory Group.

Kandinsky got Nathalie into maps! She is an Agronomist who slowly moved to the mapping universe, thanks to geographers from University of Louvain in Belgium who shared their passion for working with satellite images that looked like Kandinsky paintings.

Through making maps from Lubumbashi to Guanajuato State, passing by Kikapoo Cavern and the Hudson River, Nathalie has gotten to know wonderful landscapes and their people. Inspired by the Cuban Green Map experience, she started to use this exciting tool in environmental education projects lead by teenagers in Irapuato, México. Their Green Maps tell their stories, and allow them to understand better their relationships with the social and natural environment, empowering them to transform their community.