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Map of Tomorrow - Karte von morgen is a project in progress. Although our Icons are used on this commons-built open source platform, it's not ready for new maps yet.

The world is full of explorers, and full of things to be explored.

Like Open Green Map, the Map of Tomorrow is a platform designed to “collect all transforming initiatives and sustainable companies” and combine them on one global map. Uniquely, data on the Map of Tomorrow can be used by anyone and can be combined globally on maps or data visualizations of different topics. This Wikipedia-approach allows everyone to add and edit entries. Any user can become the regional pilot, so you can review others’ changes in your area. Yes, you won’t have ‘your own map’ as anyone can edit, reuse others’ entries etc. You can reserve and use a unique hashtag like #OurGreenBrooklyn which nobody else will use without your acceptance.

Map of Tomorrow is search-based. The people at Bildungs Agenten (Education Agents) expect the user would rather search using keywords, so that’s why they only have two colors on the map: green for initiatives and blue for companies. There is a plan to make a Green Map Icon view, but it will take some time to develop. The rest is filtered by tags. As the regional pilot, you can use any tag you feel is suitable to the entry. If you use the Green Map Icon name as a tag, it can be combined globally. Later, you can download then add the icons or wait for the Map of Tomorrow to implement them (no time is currently set). Ask the Karte von Morgen Team (info @ kartevonmorgen.org) for help to you create your paper map, and advice for other uses of the CSV files and geo-POIs!

You can print a Map of Tomorrow from a download of the data - there is an example below, made using QGIS, a Free and Open Source Geographic Information System to create the printable map, adding the icon images where you have used their titles as tags.

Advantages include a unique rating system that lets you give each entry a Positive Impact Rating that measures sustainability in terms like "from tomorrow" (good for the future) or "from yesterday" (the old way of doing things). The better an impact an organization has on the world, the more visible it is on the map. This platform is created by volunteers, and as seen at Bildungs Agenten, they welcome your support, comments and feature requests.

How to Map

Mapping is very simple and can be done by any user! Also editing can be done by anyone.

  • Search your city at kartevonmorgen.org
  • Use the search-line to make sure that your new site entry does not exist already.
  • If you can’t find it, click on „+ Add new entry“
  • Add the description and contact data, and use tags, which are relevant for your content.
  • After saving, your initiative appears on the map.
  • If there are any problems or error while saving, it’s probably because
  • you have a space in the mail address field,
  • you did not add http:// before the web address or
  • because you used one tag twice. If you still have problems, please contact Karte von Morgen Team at info @ kartevonmorgen.org

You can embed the map on any page like this:


Große Karte öffnen

Using this iframe-code

<iframe <div style="text-align: center;"><iframe style="display: inline-block;" src="https://www.kartevonmorgen.org/#/?center=50.992,7.005&zoom=6.32" width="100%" height="580"> <a href="http://kartevonmorgen.org/" target="_blank">zur karte</a></iframe></div> <div style="text-align: center;"></div><p style="text-align: right;"><a href="https://www.kartevonmorgen.org">Map of Tomorrow - Karte von Morgen</a></p></iframe>

Find out more about iframes. Watch for an update later about adding icons and other refinements of this platform in progress.

Using QGIS to add Green Map Icons

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