Open Green Map

Our original 'social mapping' platform

the Open Green Map was designed and built for and by Green Map Makers! 

Now! Check out OGM2, our new Open Green Map platform in development - start with the tutorial at and make your Green Map here!

Also know as “OGM”, the first version of this popular platform debuted in 2009 at Winning several important awards for its design and purpose, OGM empowered more than 500 new Green Map projects in its first decade and supported the expansion of existing projects with its advanced capabilities, 9 language interface, more features and apps, including the Mobile Site Collector, a dynamic web app that supported data gathering on the go, even offline, in 13 languages.

Excitingly, that web app led to the new OGM2! Thanks to the ongoing work of the GIS Collective in Berlin, Open Green Maps can be made on this new and improved platform today, while the platform is in 'beta'! Among the features:
• You can add your own icon sets!
• As a responsive website, the maps can be added to or viewed on phones, tablets or the desktop.
• You can import existing data as CSV files or export the data in multiple formats.
• Team management is improved.
• You can use any language on the content you add, and now OGM2 has its first 3 translated interfaces.

OGM2's Story page is kept updated with new features at

All 41,000 sites from our first platform have been imported into OGM2 and gradually, Green Mapmakers are reclaiming, updating and publishing them. Below are embeds from both OGM (one of our own NYC Green Maps) and OGM2 which features Mary Hunt's FEED Jefferson County Washington Open Green Map!

Our sincere thanks to the dedicated team at GIS Collective, Bogdan Szabo, Ciprian Samoila and Alexandra Casapu who built OGM2 (see their FOSS4G presentation voluntarily developing this unique platform, and the hundreds of mapmakers and donors who will help us maintain it as a community resource. We are hopeful that the spirit Open Green Map platforms have engendered will live on through the Open Green Maps, and the Stories generated and shared by local Green Map Makers.

This is the original Open Green Map platform

This is OGM2 - while in Beta, Mary Hunt made this great Open Green Map of food and farming resources around Port Townsend in Jefferson County, Washington, US

This OGM2 map from NYC includes points, lines and areas

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