Green Mapmakers come in all ages, genders, professions and nationalities. Over the years, this network has taken many opportunities to work together, and also, to contribute to community development in common. Now we can offer the expertise we have gained to you. Many of us have provided consulting services, please contact us to find out more about ways we can help you with local issues, in addition to mapmaking. We have many commonalities that reach beyond the maps, including

• Bicycling Development • Placemaking & Urban Planning • Education • Storm Water Management • Community Gardening • and more

Bicycling: Many of us have mapped the bike lanes and related resources for cyclists; several of us have taken bike development on in a bigger way. Take for example. the award-winning Tokyo Green Map project that took five years to plan locations for bike paths, and the work by Green Mapmakers in Jogjakarta Indonesia, who were hired by the city to develop the bike lane plan - here is the related Open Green Map, too. In the Americas, Bogota, Toronto, Burlington and New York cycling Green Maps have been produced (the latter by Recycle a Bicycle (scroll down here to see their maps). Inspired by Superstorm Sandy, we created Bike Ready, a short video on preparedness by bicycle, too!

Placemaking and Urban Planning: Our network of sustainability practitioners includes many architects, planners and biologists who are engaged in resilient placemaking, with featured examples from Jakarta Indonesia's Marco Kusumawijaya - crisis planning, Tokyo Japan's Masahiro Horiuchi - Cool Share energy saving + community building, Havana Cuba's Liana Bidart - mangrove forest + research, Baltimore USA's Janet Felsten - place-based education, Los Angeles USA's Isabelle Duvivier - water-centric architecture, Austin USA's Beth Ferguson - solar charging oases, Malmo Sweden's Tor Fossum - redesign of the Western Harbour++ and Helsinki Finland's Cindy Kohtala - the cooperative city, etc, as well as our example from New York City - reclaiming a Park building.

Our network's expertise and consulting experience is available to help your city. Please contact us with your questions, and you are welcome to join our newsletter list to stay abreast of our progress.