Green Maps guide you to practical Climate Change Counter Measures

The climate is changing, but are we taking action quickly enough? Not sure where to get started?

Green Maps help people find local resources for a more resilient way of living. Although there are many uncertainties, let's reduce impacts now and minimize the disruptions and slow the dwindling quality of life. Use Green Map making to organize climate change and regeneration resources in your community.

Green Mapmaking can be applied to:

  • Placemaking - in Cuba, Green Mapmakers helped establish a mangrove forest in Rincón de Guanabo that withstood the rage of Hurricane Irma in 2017
  • Policies - in Malmo Sweden, the City's Green Map features one of the most climate-protective places in the world, including the innovative Western Harbor!
  • Preparedness - in New York City, the Bike Ready video was inspired by post-storm Green Map tours
  • News - in South Africa, check out the feed of eco-news on Cape Town Green Map's homepage.
  • Engagement - NYC's slideshow below includes tours, classroom tools and assessment resources - what do we have and what do we need to become resilient? See the videos below (here's the complete Bike Tour Video (in Chinese, too).
  • Social Media - find out about our Animate Change campaign in our blog
  • Exhibitions - Thai youth created 60 Green Maps, as seen in the Green Map Impacts book . Climate impacts on biodiversity were part of Nagoya Japan's COP10 exhibit too.