Education for All Ages, including University Students


We are inspired by great work by young people around the world! Made in class and in after-school and summer programs, or as part of college assignments and thesis projects, these Green Maps help us all see the world through the eyes of our future leaders.


Youth Maps


Young people have made Green Maps since 1998, and their work has been especially creative and influential. Many have created printed or poster Green Maps that combine the viewpoints of many people, others have created murals, videos, walking tours and even performances. Of course, many have taken part in all ages community projects, helping adults understand the work through their eyes.

Explore youth mapping resources, including Guides, modules, and videos, and check at Engagement for more. Got a youth map or project to share? Create a Story!

Youth Green Maps & tools

Universities and Academia

Dozens of Green Maps have been made as part of University projects, led both by professors and students, and are useful for incoming students and the surrounding residents, as well as to advance campaigns and planning.

Here are selected academic papers about Green Map's work:
Doctoral Thesis that includes Green Map as one of two examples of Clean Tech by NYU-Poly PhD candidate Balashankar Mulloth 2011 (255 pages)
Latin American Green Maps by Richmond University's Alexandra Purdy 2012 (45 pages)
On the Entrepreneurial Identity of Green Map by Aalto University student Elisa Andretti 2012 (9 pages)
Global Service Learning with Green Mapmaking by New York University and Pace University Professor Claudia Green, PhD, 2008 (18 pages)
(Re)Presenting the Living Landscape: Exploring Community Mapping as a Tool for Transformative Learning and Planning by Maeve Frances Lydon 2002 Masters Thesis 4 pages

University students have created wonderful Green Maps that link campus and community, and undertaken research based on the Green Map network and outcomes. We would be happy to strategize with you about ways to utilize our tools in your program, especially:

• Design • Environmental Geomatics and Geography • Community Engaged Research • Interdisciplinary Subjects • Landscape Architecture • Sustainable Civil Engineering • Sustainable Product Design • Urban Studies • and more!

Gotica a Gotica / Drop by Drop (Spanish with English subtitles) - 3 Parts (Mapa Verde Cuba is updating in 2019)


A Green Map research project can be part of a:

  • Orientation package for incoming students (possibly incorporating GIS);
  • Study on the prospects for ecotourism and sustainable economic development;
  • Project for a design/art course exploring layout, design, marketing and/or distribution;
  • History course that analyzes how maps have changed throughout time;
  • Community-focused exercise mapping pollution sources, community facilities and services as an advocacy tool assessing social impacts and environmental justice issues;
  • Cartography course teaching mapping principles and perspectives;
  • Lesson in basic ecological principles and awareness of the physical, chemical and biological forces in your locality and on the earth;
  • Field techniques or a research methods class with emphasis on data collection, feasibility, analysis, and graphical presentation;
  • Environmental analysis--examining historical traditions and values that influence present environmental conditions, and relate future planning to technology, growth and resource depletion;
  • Introduction course to GIS, spatial data analysis and computer mapping of the social and physical environment at a local, regional, national or global scale;
  • Environmental research methods and techniques course, building practical analytical skills;
  • Multi-disciplinary, multilingual exercise involving students, instructors and consultants from various fields, meeting to develop practical solutions to local and regional environmental problems.