How to Make a Green Map using CARTO Builder

CARTO is a sophisticated yet flexible resource for Green Map projects that want to create a map that shares data and has advanced analytic capability. If you have data in different formats, this platform can merge them. Customization is possible and overall, CARTO is state of the art. The new Builder has a great tagline: 'intuitive analysis for predicting key insights', too!

This is a great platform for people with technical ability who want to share their viewpoint on community progress toward sustainability, and promote nature, culture, social and green living sites!

You can share this Green Map several ways - the CARTO Builder will let you clone the map, embed it interactively in any website (as shown below) or export it in various formats.

Our example was created by exporting some of the data from the Open Green Map platform. Featuring sites in one New York neighborhood, this map’s story is at

We created a CARTO Tutorial with details for both Green Map Makers who created a map on the Open Green Map platform and plan to add their exported data to a CARTO map. There is also a tutorial for users creating a new Green Map.

Create a New Green Map on CARTO

Download the PDFs below to get started. We are including links to Google Docs for the exported and new tutorials so you can comment and help us improve these guides. You can also share ideas below, ask and answer questions. This CARTO Help Forum is very useful - and of course, you can search for specific questions online and find answers quickly. There is also a GitHub and other support online.

Our thanks to Ray Cha, Thomas Turnbull, and Lela Prashad for their help creating this Tutorial, and to CARTO and their grant program, Jeff Ferzoco and Tyler Bird who are supporting this effort. (Note that CARTO used to be named CartoDB)

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