Green Map has ‘gone open’ for sustainability's sake!

Update: Our mounting concerns about the climate and the environment led us to rethink how we work. By sharing our tools more openly, everyone can contribute and benefit local communities everywhere. Going open is helping spark new collaboration and innovation, and we now have a terrific new mapping platform for you! - explore the first hundred Green Maps on the Platform today! 

Our decade of experience with our first mapping platform and the skills of the Platform's developers at the GISCollective have led to this versatile, friendly mapping resource, designed for collaboration and customization. You can get help with planning, training and a local app, etc. It's free to use the Green Map Platform, our award-winning icons and engagement resources and print map tools to make sustainability maps and other engaging projects. Now, simply download the icons and other resources in this section - we have even matched our Icons to the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs.

Refer to the Creative Commons 4.0 license and Projects page for ideas about these resources. Get inspired by Stories that share mapmaking processes and local outcomes that build capacity for change (add yours, too!).

Make Green Maps and use them as your springboard for new projects, skills and knowledge.

Being a Green Map Maker is a powerful way to support your community while contributing to a global movement that is promoting and linking resources for everyday green living, ecological regeneration and a just transition. Take part and support this dynamic collaboration! Join us in guiding the way to a better common future.