Our Climate Events this Fall

This year, our Autumn events are in parallel with the upcoming United Nations Climate Conference known as COP26, to be held in Glasgow Scotland starting 1 November.
We'll be in Scotland starting 12 October at the TED Countdown - here is our updated press release

We have added photos to our first report from Cornwall and Scotland (with a link to our new iOS App at bit.ly/OGMapp!)
Check out our second post with even more images and links to our experience at COP26, in Glasgow and Dunoon.

This page has been updated - from Glasgow, Dunoon, and beyond, starting in the run up to and after this critical event.

Glasgow Green Map - thumbnail

On September 22, 2021, we presented with Scottish Green Map projects during "Climate Fringe Week" which is organised by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland to celebrate and support ways you can engage in climate activism. Check out the Glasgow Green Map full screen! Use the new App to see what's nearby too! bit.ly/OGMapp

Our rural and urban examples with Neil Lovelock of Glasgow Eco Trust and from Dunoon, Hannah Clinch of Tacit Design, as well as global climate mapping examples (starting at 8:43) followed with a pop in by the GIS Collective - highlighting climate action that will inspire you before, during and after COP26. Watch here!

And here's our presentation at COP26 - Climate Solutions from 5 Countries!

TED Countdown climate conference Oct 2021

In person: Our Director, Wendy Brawer, was invited to the TED Countdown conference in Edinburgh from October 12-15th. Lots of inspiring resources are already posted as part of this interaction, including this powerful 2071 piece by Kim Stanley Robinson. Post-conference, she encourages you to watch more of the talks posted on the TED Countdown website, and join us in saying COP26 must be the turning point for the whole planet.

"I had the privilege of hearing Peggy Shepard, the recently knighted environmental justice leader from WeAct in NYC speak from the floor of the TED Countdown conference. She asked this global audience to read the 17 Principles of Environmental Justice (written in 1991) and honor Mother Nature. This is critically important and timely advice for all of us as COP26 nears."

Workshops & Events with Green Map

In Person in Glasgow! Our thanks to the 12 sustainability practitioners who joined us on Tuesday 26 October to consider creating Green Maps for their community and through their organizations, including Green Mapmakers from Glasgow, Dunoon and NYC from 4 to 6PM at Mono  (photo here).

Side Trip - the EcoGeographers and 18 participants from 6 to 86 met at Reen Wood in Cornwall on October 23rd for a walk back in time to preserve for the future. 

On November 3rd, following the remote event with video shorts from Five Countries (watch it above), we held a live meetup at the Dream Machine, a creative space where we welcomed Scottish, Belgian and English participants.  

Green Drinks with Green Map and the Climate Clock on the 3rd + thanks to the 30 people who joined. 

Dunoon is creating a new kind of Beach House

Check out this unique place-based research and design project in Dunoon - a new kind of Beach Hut is being co-developed, with events on October 20 and October 30, hosted by the Pop Shop and Tacit Tacit Design. Yes, there is a Green Map component - and you can join Member of the Scottish Parliment, MSP Ariane Burgess on the 30th at 11am: Help install a sea level marker workshop on West Bay to understand how climate change could affect the area. Educators discussion on October 27th, too.

Photos! are now on our blog and at facebook.com/greenmap

To take part, meet at the POP Shop (28 Hillfoot St in Dunoon). The traveling sea level marker is part of a national project coordinated by the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on the built environment. Find these events and more at tacit-tacit.co.uk/tacitevents!

Video Shorts from US, Cuba, Israel & Japan - climate-themesOnline: Wednesday November 3 at 3PM in Glasgow (11 AM in NYC, check your time zone) Yes! It's the much anticipated Video Shorts, created locally in Port Townsend US, Havana Cuba, Hadera Israel, Kanagawa Japan and New York City - with a bonus video from Cornwall England! RSVP on Zoom here.

See the video above! Share the link at bit.ly/GMatCOP26v
In person or online: Every community can have a fresh perspective on local resources for climate health and wellbeing! We’re happy to tell you more about our open source, generally free to use tools and support your local effort! 

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