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Story created by Green Map System on July 8, 2013

From 1999 to 2014, Green Map System re-established an active presence in Barcelona, Spain. The original Green Mapmaker, Josep (Pep) Puig, a Sustainable City Councillor, published the first Mapa Verde of Barcelona in 1999. He handed the project to Petz Scholtus of Pöko Design Studio / yök Casa + Cultura who started making Green Maps in unique formats to show how eco-friendly the city is to tourists and resident.

The Barcelona Open Green Map includes an amazing 145 sites, from healthy food stores, to parks, and clothes repair shops. Each is also on a print map that is distributed at tourist information (it's transparent so the regular tourist map can be layered under it). The team placed markers on each mapped's site's front door. Ultimately, Petz created this map to “put the green sites, hang-outs, grass-root movements, businesses and places of interest into the spotlight”, and we believe she has done an amazing job!

Then, the City (Commun) of Barcelona took the project on! Their interactive Green Map is at the blue link.