Illustrations and Graphics for Green Maps

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Story created by Green Map System on August 10, 2017

Now you can jazz up your Green Map project with some Green Map graphics! These include graphics that are typical for maps and unique embellishments.  These are designed for print maps, but can be used in other ways. Download a zipped file on the left or get a single item below.

In order to help you make your maps more clear to users, Green Map System has created a set of scales (in tif, jpg, pdf, and eps forms), compass roses (in tif, jpg, pdf, and eps forms) and capsules (for marking sites with an icon and a number) (in tif, jpg, pdf, and eps forms) that are invaluable accompaniments to your map project.

We also offer simple illustrations of people involved the mapmaking process and Beth Ferguson’s fun little drawings that come in tif, jpg, eps, and pdf formats. Use them on your maps, posters, website, etc!

Other useful graphic images including Mapmakers at work, Youth Mapmakers, Bicycles, and Busy Bees illustrations, are all available to print or for use online.

If you want to share a graphic you have created, please contact us about donating it to this collection. Click Go to Website and get our Style Guide, and other resources, too!