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Story created by Green Map System on November 19, 2018

At a green place that should be on the Green Map? Map it fast!!

If you had an Open Green Map before 2020, Green Map System has a handy webapp for mapping out green living resources on the go! is our Mobile Site Collector. This webapp makes it easy to collect, photograph and chart green sites on Open Green Maps while on location, even in areas without wifi.

Starting in 2020, Mapmakers are using - although it's currently in 'alpha', you can still make a great Green Map with it - start at the Tutorial (it's responsive and works on your phone, and all devices so site collection is easy!)

Green Mapmakers, residents and tourists can collect sites on smart phones, tablets and desktop, thanks to the efforts of Romanian Green Mapmakers! The Mobile Site Collector comes with 13 languages, with complete instructions in each (select under the gear)! Every new site is moderated by the local Mapmaker – you will receive confirmation when your site gets on the map.

This video shares how it works. Basically, select your language under the Gear. Tap the Question Mark to read the FAQ in your language on Add a site at the Plus!

Thanks to Green Mapmakers, the Collector's languages currently include Arabic, Chinese - simplified, Chinese - traditional, English, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Swedish!

Get your banner and graphics here – download English (4MB), Chinese - simplified (1.5MB), Chinese - traditional (1.5MB), and Romanian (1MB)! We'll add more graphic and outreach resources soon!

Collector Workshop Guide

Shortly after the launch, we held events, for which we created a Workshop Guide. Very handy for making your event go smoothly! Download it here - it's a .doc so you can adapt it. We’d love to add your experience to it.

Quick Mobile Site Collector Tips

• Don’t forget the m in the url --
• Open Green Maps must be in ‘public’ mode to use on the Collector*
• If you cannot see the icons or have other issues, add this website to your Home Screen, and use it from there
• Photos taken with the Collector are not saved in your phone's library (but you can choose images from library, too)
• If you plan to collect sites in an area without wifi, open the Collector before you go out, then use it offline - it will store your sites to upload later (there's a small text link on the front page to click once you are in wifi zone)
• Everything can be edited once it’s on the map!

Special Thanks:

Collector created for Green Map System by
Project Manager: Ciprian Samoilã, Asociatia Harta Verde Romania
Web Developer: Bogdan Szabo

Translators: Ben Andersen • Yu-Chang • Choi, WonSun • Youness Chtaini • André Guilherme • Olivier Hoessly • Bernice Keshet • Yutaka Nakashima • Aruna Reddig • Ciprian Samoilã • Lama Tawk • HanLu Zhang

Project Support: Wendy Brawer • Eric Goldhagen • Walter E. Perry • Thomas Turnbull

Video by Barbara Ross & Piki, graphics by Li Tang