Open Green Map 2 presented at FOSS4G 2019

Open Green Map 2 presented at FOSS4G

Green Map has a new mapping platform in development, now in beta, at! It was presented in Bucharest Romania at the FOSS4G open mapping conference on 30 August 2019. 

Ciprian Samolia's talk introduces the original Open Green Map platform, now ten years old, with 41,000 sites on 500 locally made maps made in 40 countries (explore them at Turning to OGM2, Ciprian adds a site and explains how OGM2 is different, and use cases.  (21 minutes)

Bogdan Szabo's talk delves deeper into the open technology he has been being developing for making Green Maps, sharing code and decision-making processes (21 minutes). New flexibility in iconography, the open platform and several exciting features are described (check out and the GIS Collective, the awesome team (with Alexadra Casapu) behind OGM2!

This is a labor of love - we are seeking help to bring it to fruition in the spirit of open source development. FOSS4G brought new energy into OGM2. Let us know what you think, how you can help, and if you would like to join the beta testing, please contact us at info @ or just sign in at and get started.

In summer 2020, we started hosting demos of the platform on Fridays. Get in touch with us about that too! 



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