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Local Focus: Working on diverse projects around New York City has always been an exciting part of our work at Green Map. Being able to connect with Green Map Board members at the same time makes it especially valuable! 

Dutch Kills Loop: One of these is developing the vision for the Dutch Kills Loop, a large-scale infrastructure reuse project that’s gradually becoming more feasible as a regenerative open space in Long Island City, Queens. Our director has been on the steering committee since the project’s inception, and recently our Board member, Carlos Martinez, joined Wendy and team for a walk through. Carlos is the Director of the NYC Parks’ community garden program, GreenThumb, and the Dutch Kills Loop is anchored by the Smiling Hogshead Ranch, a wonderful community garden, so it all ties together!  Carlos’ insights mean so much to this initiative and to all of Green Map NYC’s efforts for mapping and making better communities.

Much was accomplished in 2022 and you are welcome at the Dutch Kills Loop’s new B.A.S.E. rain garden on City of Water Day, July 15. 


Consciousness and Climate: Recently, our Director has also been able to work with another member of the Board, Marissa Feinberg, who created a dynamic evening on climate action and psychedelics! Check out the video and recaps here. 

Neighborhood Project: Green Map has been on part of the Sara D Roosevelt Park Community Coalition and a series of Roar events kicks off tomorrow! See the summer schedule and join the action! 


ROAR is produced with appreciation to all our project partners!

Our 2023 Jane's Walk was terrific! Here, Vera A Voropaeva of Castrucci Architects, speaks on the benefits of Passive House buildings outside her office.
A video of this walk will be shared soon.

Our work continues apace and currently, we are finalizing our set of food security icons (let us know if you want to comment on them) and moving forward on our global mapping platform, training and outreach; plus working on partnership projects. Thank you for all your support and best wishes for a sustainable, regenerative and fulfilling season ahead from everyone at Green Map System.

Upcoming residencies for Green Map:
Upstate Residency in mid-August at Manitoga, the Russel Wright Design Center and beautiful 75 acres of Woodland Gardens, where a new Green Map may get started
On Governors Island at the Swale House - this Residency has a public open day on Saturday October 14th, from 11 - 5.

More NYC News: excitingly, our City Council member, Chris Marte, appointed Wendy Brawer as the newest board member at the Trust for Governors Island! The island is one of Wendy's favorite places in the city, and with its focus on climate, culture and community, it's an honor to be involved. 

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