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In a few weeks, COP27 will be taking place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Will the people of that country gain as much as the people of Scotland did from hosting the 26th UN conference on Climate Change? So many local efforts were amplified and galvanized that climate has stayed in the forefront. Indeed, the Climate Fringe, which supported the NGOs and side events all around Glasgow in 2021, had the momentum to coordinate the 2022 Climate Fringe Festival in September, and we took part.
We created a well-attended lunchtime in the UK learning session around the Open Green Map Platform led by Hannah Clinch of Tacit Design. With background provided by Green Map System and the training aspect by the GISCollective, the session was informative and inspiring (judging by the Platform registrations that have followed). We are delighted to share the 45 minute recording and resource list created by Hannah. 
Here are 10 useful resources from our Green Map Platform learning session and contacts to help you with your Green Map project:
1. Link to the Green Map Platform>, simply sign up to the platform and you can start your Green Map project immediately.
2. A link to the recording of the Green Map Platform workshop 28/9/22 (or watch below)
3. Quick Start Guide to the Green Map Platform - so useful!
4. To send feedback directly to the GISCollective about your experience of using the Green Map Platform. You can email or use Gitlab 
5. - this website contains links to a whole host of stories and useful information about Green Map Making including:
Mapping Our Common Ground (engagement and workshops)
Green Map Impacts (local stories of postive change)
6. Sign up to our newsletter by scrolling down to the bottom of to receive updates on the world of Green Map making
7. Contact Green Map System directly
8. A link to Wendy Brawer’s TED talk about Green Map making
9. Above, an image of the map we made as an icebreaker, using 'occupation' icons so we could see who was in the session. 
10. If you have feedback on the event or any further questions about Green Map making in Scotland, feel free to contact Hannah Clinch of Tacit Tacit.

Thank you for your participation and remember: Think global, map local!

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