Mapa Verde de la Ciudad de Mexico

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Story created by Green Map System on July 8, 2013

" Conocer y Participar es Proteger " (To Know and to Participate is to Protect)."

Created in May of 2000, this map features a variety of sites of interest, including places of culture, green spaces in the urban environment and nature sites.

It was the early days for GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and most of the maps created this way needed the resources of a municipality or institution to be successful. This map is a good example. The main contributors were the Federal District’s Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, and the Secretary of Social Development, Alejandro Angulo Carrera. We'll link this to our Interactive Mapping page so you can see what's offered now.

This team in Mexico City chose a unique way to publish their beautiful map: a large folding map and an accompanying an easy-to-carry booklet to guide residents and tourists to the green sites.