Milwaukee Green Map

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Story created by Green Map System on June 21, 2017

"Finding our way toward a greener Milwaukee" is a perfect subtitle for this large multi-viewed map. Both the printed and the dated but functional web-based versions of the Milwaukee Green Map include images of the greenways (comparing the 1936 plan to today's environmental and riparian corridors), close-ups of the watershed, downtown cultural resources, and more! Over 450 green sites are included with well-designed color-coded icons.

Milwaukee's Green Map Mapmaker is Matthew Groshek, then of Education / Design Link. The Milwaukee Green Map has had the involvement of local students at Riverside University High School and University of Wisconsin's Center for Urban Initiatives and Research. During the Summer of 1997, EDL conducted sustainability workshops in Russia, including a Green Mapmaking session in Kasimov (about 150 miles east of Moscow)! Matthew also took part in the creation of the Green Atlas media project and his story can be read here!