Recruiting for More International Youth Exchange!

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Story created by bmore_jafe on May 29, 2019

Looking to help youth collaborate internationally around Climate Change issues? BaltoGreenMap is! And we're excited about the potential for Virtual Exchange with MapWorks Learning's yearlong Global Challenge, connecting students and teachers around the world via its Narrative Atlas platform. The sequence of guided activities aligns well with Baltimore's Green Map Your Community projects and soon Narrative Atlas will utilize Green Map icons. Our young Baltimoreans want to expand their horizons, deepen knowledge and share goals for the future. Leading the way for Green Map System, we want to recruit more Green Mappers from more parts of the world to take part.

Participants in the program interact via Narrative Atlas (MapWorks Learning's Virtual Exchange Platform) through video postings, collaborative document- and video-creation, discussion forums, chats, and map making. They develop global competencies, digital literacies, cross-cultural communications skills, and use PBL (Project Based Learning) as a vehicle to design solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals and create positive social change.

More broadly, MapWorks Learning's goals are to build a Virtual Exchange network of schools, communities of practice and projects that focus on solutions to the SDGs and create positive lasting change to our worlds most pressing issues. Green Map's Icons are tied into the Sustainable Development Goals, too. Think Global. Act Local! Green Map + MapWorks Learning - A great partnership for Green Mappers worldwide!

To learn more about how to get involved - email: and copy, so we can connect among Green Mapmakers. Thanks!