Refresh LES, a Cool Green Map

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Story created by Green Map NYC on June 10, 2019

The Green Map organization is based on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, which is getting hotter and more crowded all the time.

Our solution? Green Map NYC has created a new map that saves energy while increasing comfort and expanding community connections:

Refresh LES!

Available for the hot Summer of 2019, this folding map can be downloaded here as a PDF (with links!). New! Download in Spanish - Descargar en español en!

Pick up copies at these locations in the community. (Opps! sold out, but a new edition is being planned)

  • GOLES Direct - 156 Ave B (Español y English)
  • MORUS - 156 Ave C
  • Seward Park Library - 192 East Broadway
  • More locations to come, or call Green Map at 212.674.1631 or send an email to apple @
  • Our thanks to LES Ready, our community's long-term recovery and resiliency coalition, and to Global Giving donors for their support of this much-needed project: NYC is already 2 degrees warmer
  • We'd also like to thank all the LES Ready members, Elissa Sampson and Elissa Jiji for their input, LUNGS NYC for providing the community garden map, Aaron Reiss for design support, and Wendy Brawer, project lead.

    The Spanish edition is available as a poster, thanks to LES Ready members, Victoria Berrio (LES Family Union) and Luis Caridad (Good Old LES). 

    Refresh LES is open source, under the Creative Commons (BY SA NC license +CC)! This means you are free to use its data and contents for non-commercial purposes, as long as you credit Green Map System, share it alike, and contact us for any other uses. We'd be delighted to share what you create here. Find the map files in English (or in Spanish) here in Google Slides. Thanks for suggesting we share this, Tom Llewellyn of the terrific resource, @Shareable!